Infidelity Investigations

Cheating Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, or Girlfriends?

Do you have doubts and seek peace of mind?

You have the right to know if your partner is being unfaithful. True Investigations can deliver peace of mind, closure, and justice. Our Las Vegas private investigators will work closely with you, within your budget and comfort level to obtain the information you’re looking for. Our investigators will document your partner’s activity when in public view, by obtaining video of them. Combining our many years of experience with the most advanced technology and techniques, we offer a range of discreet private investigator services designed to maximize the chances of getting you the results you desire. Cheating partners will often go through great lengths to conceal their actions and continue lying even when confronted. Sometimes, only presenting your partner with indisputable evidence of their affair will be enough for them to come clean and allow both parties to move on with their lives.   If you’re looking for a private detective with the highest level of knowledge and experience, you have come to the right place.  Don’t try and do this on your own. Leave it to the professionals. If you do it and get caught, your partner will change their behavior and your chance of catching them will be gone.

Do you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you? In most infidelity cases, our client’s intuition proves to be accurate; however, there are also cases where it is wrong! Peace of mind comes with knowing either way.

Statistics have shown that a gut instinct is a powerful indicator when your partner is cheating on you. Infidelity statistics have also shown that 85% of woman who suspect their partner is cheating on them are correct. Likewise, 50% of men who feel their partner is cheating on them are also correct.

Surviving Infidelity Forums

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Watch for some of the following potential infidelity signs:

  • Working late or more frequent
  • Frequent business trips
  • Not home as often as they used to be
  • Don’t answer phone calls around you or turn ringer off
  • Deleting text messages, incoming calls, and/or emails
  • Changes in intimacy
  • A sudden improvement in appearance and grooming habits
  • More defensive
  • Changes of screen names and/or passwords
  • Unexplained charges on credit and/or debit cards


For further information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our private detectives.