GPS Tracking


Is your spouse or child where they said they would be?

Are you curious where your employees go in your company vehicles?

True Investigations Inc. offers GPS vehicle tracking units to our clients for rental. Whether you need it for a daily, weekly, or on a monthly rental basis, using our high quality, up-to-the minute reporting for your case will only help. You can now know where a vehicle is at from the convenience of your computer or smartphone.

Even though there are no known criminal laws in the State of Nevada that prohibit the use of a GPS vehicle tracking device, it is the sole responsibility of you, the renter, to confirm the tracking unit is used in accordance with all applicable laws. True Investigations Inc., will not be held responsible for the use and/or misuse of the rental units. Should you have any legal questions or concerns regarding the use of these devices, you are strongly encouraged to consult with a licensed attorney.