Background Check

Do you want to find out the truth about someone’s past? There are many reasons why you may consider having a background check done on someone in Las Vegas.

It could be that you just want to know more about someone you met online or in person. We can also make sure the person you’re planning to hire or go into business with, is the person they claim to be.

True Investigations has highly trained and skilled private investigators that can uncover the truth about someone’s past.

Personal or employment background checks generally focus on an individual’s history to determine their suitability for a personal relationship or a job. This helps to formulate an opinion as to whether they are honest or reliable, and qualified for the job either professionally or personally. This will aid in determining whether someone is an asset or a risk to your family or your company.

These are changing times and we as individuals or a company, are becoming more reliant on background checks to protect our family or our business.

Background investigations can include:

  • Civil Court Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Federal Cases
  • Divorce and Marriage Records
  • Driving History
  • Prior Employment History
  • Education History
  • Sex Offenders Database
  • Bankruptcy
  • Verification of Age
  • Credit History

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our private detectives.