Las Vegas Investigator FAQ’s

Q: How do I start a private investigation?

A: The initial consultation with one of our Las Vegas private investigators is always free. You can call, email or fax our office to start the process.

Q: What happens on my surveillance case?

A: Once we have determined the most ideal time to start, our highly trained private investigators will document all activity, while obtaining video of them in public view. Our private investigators are equipped with specialty cameras and covert cameras at all times to document all inappropriate activity. The private investigator assigned to your case will keep you updated per your needs, either through phone calls, text messages or emails. When you have decided to end the investigation, our staff will provide you with all the video that was obtained. If for legal purposes, you require a formal report, our staff can provide all documentation of your investigation.

Q: What kind of documentation will I receive?

A: At the end of your investigation, you will receive a copy of the video that was obtained.  We can also provide you with a formal report if requested.

Q: Can you guarantee the outcome of an investigation?

A: It would be impossible for a private investigator to guarantee the outcome of any case. Private investigators are hired to gather information using their training, experience, and network of resources in an attempt to verify information and your suspicions.

Q: How do you make sure that they don’t see you and that you don’t get caught?

A: Our private investigators are highly skilled and trained in surveillance, which allows us to remain covert. If we feel that someone is highly aware of their surroundings, we will utilize the appropriate actions to ensure that we stay undercover. If the private investigator feels that the investigation has been compromised, surveillance is terminated immediately.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We take all major credit cards, cash or check. The funds must be secured before we start your case.

Q: How much notice do you need to start my investigation?

A: As much notice as possible. We have a fleet of investigators; however, there are times where we fill up quickly. Please call our office and we can let you know.