About the Owner

The visionary behind the innovative and useful services offered at True Investigations is Jennifer. She is an expert in private detective investigation and preparing documentation of her firm’s findings for divorce petitions, court proceedings, insurance fraud investigations, asset investigations, background investigations, and locate missing persons.

In the 1980’s Jennifer moved to the Las Vegas valley. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she studied disciplines from sociology, biology, human behavior, and criminal justice. During her senior year as she completed her bachelor’s degree she began working as an intern for a small private investigative firm. Soon she was on the payroll and in the field investigating everything from infidelity to insurance fraud and quickly rose to one of their top field agents. Her love of the chase and finding the Truth for her clients soon branched into the start of her own firm, True Investigations. As a private detective, Jennifer has an uncanny attention to detail, empathy for her clients, and over 10 years of experience in the field that has translated to a successful company that gets results.

Her experience coupled with integrity has won the appreciation of her clients in the entire region. Not everyone is as skilled in field surveillance, observing human behavior, and writer for official documentation that relates the Truth. However, Jennifer has excelled in these areas which is reflected by the number of happy customers. Though she is not a legal practitioner, she knows the intricacies of private detective work and provides effective video and written documentation for her clients. She is very passionate about her profession and continues to offer honest results to her clients without charging them with exorbitant fees.

Call her and she will be more than happy to provide a free and confidential consult to help you out in your crises.

Private Investigator License Certificate