Is Your Spouse Cheating in Las Vegas?

Many married individuals start suspecting their partners when they make up lame excuses for their absence. Random meetings in the middle of the week in Las Vegas or a vacation with the “boys” are indicators of something suspicious.

Here is a list of some measures that private investigators use to catch a cheating spouse in Las Vegas.

Video Evidence

The use of advanced technology has crept into the world of investigations as well. Private investigators are skilled at using some of the most advanced technology to gather evidence regarding the activity of an individual.

The hotel lobbies the spouse walks through and the casinos they visit are all recorded in video cameras.


Another thing that private investigators are known for is surveillance. The spousal surveillance service that many businesses offer allows you to get answers and seek information regarding the partner they are cheating on you with. A cheating spouse in Las Vegas can visit a lot of great places, but only a professional can follow and survey them without being detected.

Most private investigators are also very discreet about the techniques they use and refrain from taking advantage of delicate situations.

Check on Missing Persons

If your spouse has gone missing all of a sudden and you are not aware of his whereabouts, you can use private investigation service to track the location and get hold of him/her. A cheating spouse can often lie about their whereabouts, which is why you should use the help of a private investigation service to locate them.

While being emotionally hurt by a cheating spouse is painful to bear, using a private investigator is a practical step that will help you make your claim if matters go from bad to worse.